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Wax Nerdery

Rule #1- Any wax is better than no wax!


We aren’t snobs here! Regardless of wax type, regular waxing will make the biggest difference when it comes to improving glide and avoiding that horrible sticky feeling on the snow.

Different Types of Wax

Universal Wax (All-Temp)


A universal wax is what I use for a standard Hot Wax / Edge & Wax. Its formula provides decent performance across a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions and crucially prevents your bases from drying out!

Universal Ski Wax

Temperature Specific Wax (Premium)


For those looking for the best on snow performance possible! 


Temperature specific waxes provide higher levels of performance and durability by optimising their formulas to work best in specific temperature ranges. 


I stock the following temperature specific waxes and apply whichever is most appropriate for your trip!

Cold [Blue] -9°C to -30°C

For when you know are going somewhere coldddd. 


Medium [Red] -2°C to -11°C 

Great for the conditions you will generally encounter in Japan, North America and Europe.


Warm [Yellow] +10°C to -4°C

Perfect for anything you’ll encounter in Australia from cold winter storms to slushy spring afternoons.

When Is It Best?


Wet Slushy Snow

From personal experience, I find a temperature specific wax makes the biggest difference compared to a universal wax when conditions are warm and the snow is wet / slushy. This makes the Warm (Yellow) formula very effective in Australia where we often encounter slushy snow in the afternoons.



Due to not having poles, snowboarders in particular may benefit from the increased gliding performance a temperature specific wax provides by helping to maintain speed over flat sections and traverses. 


Racing / Interschools

I highly recommend temperature specific waxes for anyone participating in racing / interschools to gain that extra edge over your competitors and leave nothing to chance!


Finally, anyone who wants the best for their gear and seeks the highest performance possible!

Tempreture Specific Hot Wax for Ski Tuning
Tempreture Specific Hot Wax for Ski Tuning
Tempreture Specific Hot Wax for Ski Tuning
different types of ski wax
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