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The Works!

For those special skis / snowboards that deserve to be in tip-top condition! 


In this service, additional time and steps are allocated to go above and beyond a standard edge & wax to produce the best results possible.


Extra time and steps are allocated to cleaning and prepping the bases, base edge angles / bevels are tuned in addition to a standard side edge tune and a temperature specific (not universal) hot wax is used. Any additional tuning requests / preferences are also carried out.

This service could be great for:

  • Those that want the highest performance from their gear

  • Prepping race skis / boards  

  • Bringing old favourites back to their former glory  

  • Gear that has been in storage for years

  • Anyone with specific tuning needs / requests

The Process

Phase 1 - Cleaning


1.1 -  Any remaining old wax is scraped off with a perspex                      scraper.

1.2 - The bases are brushed with a stiff bronze brush to remove           any remaining wax and dirt from the structure of the base. 

1.3 - The bases are wiped down with a base cleaner and cloth               to finish off the cleaning process, leaving the bases ready             for their fresh hot wax to be applied.

Phase 2 - Tuning The Edges


2.1 - A diamond file is run across the base and side edges to                remove any burs, lumps or bumps.  

2.2 - Any rust is removed with a coarse pocket stone and                       gummy stone. 

2.3 - The base bevel / angle is tuned to factory specification or              any angle requested. 

2.4 - The side edge angles are tuned to factory specification or             any angle requested. 

2.5 - Any special tuning requests e.g. tip / tail detuning is                       carried out. 

Phase 3 - Hot Wax


3.1 - A generous amount of temperature specific wax is applied           to the base at the appropriate temperature. 

3.2 - The wax is left to set for at least an hour to ensure                         maximum absorption. 

3.3 - Excess wax is removed with a perspex scraper. 

3.4 - The bases are polished by a nylon brush.

Toko Wax Scraper for Ski Tuning
Stiff Brass Brush for Ski Tuning
Swix Base Cleaner for Ski Tuning
Diamond FIle for Ski Tuning
Coarse Pocket Stone for Ski Tuning
Gummy Stone for Ski Tuning
Adjustable Edge Tuner for Ski Tuning
Tempreture Specific Hot Wax for Ski Tuning
Toko Wax Scraper for Ski Tuning
Brush for Ski Tuning
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