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Summer / Storage Wax 


A summer storage wax is the application of a thick layer of wax to the base of your skis / snowboard to protect them from drying out over the hot summer months. The melted wax also covers the edges and prevents them from oxidizing / rusting in the summer humidity. 


The benefit of a summer storage wax is that your equipment will be ready to hit the slopes straight away next season. This prevents the common last-minute run-around before the first snow trip of the year when you pull out your gear to discover a dry base and rusty edges.


Additionally, letting your gear completely dry out over summer can cause a permanent reduction in glide and performance. Without getting too nerdy, as the bases dry out, oxygen is able to penetrate into the pores of the base, causing it to oxidize. This process can cause irreparable damage to your base!

A person skiing in shorts and t shirt in the sun

Pro Tip: If you find yourself skiing in shorts and a t-shirt, it's almost time for a summer storage wax!

A ski base with a summer/ storage wax applied

Hot Wax vs Summer Storage Wax 

A regular hot wax differs from a summer storage wax as excess wax is scraped off and the bases are polished. These steps are skipped for a summer storage wax to ensure a nice thick layer remains over summer to protect your base and edges. 

A hot wax before being scraped and polished. 

A ski base after a hot wax

What Happens To The Excess Wax?

When it's time to hit the slopes again, you are welcome to bring your gear back to me for a scrape and polish, or any store on the mountain should be able to do this for you as well. Realistically, you can save time and skip this step as the excess wax should just scrape off after your first couple of runs anyway. 

A hot wax after being scraped and polished.

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