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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

- Yes, you do need to make an appointment. Unfortunately I work a regular old 9 - 5, so a heads up is appreciated so I can schedule my regular day-to-day around my awesome customers. This also means sticking to and not forgetting about your appointment is greatly appreciated! If you do need to come on short notice, just give me a call or message and I will do my best to help you out!

What are my contact hours?

- Generally during the week I am available for pick up and drop off before 8:20am and after 6pm (evenings preferred!). On weekends I am usually around (unless skiing!) I do have contactless pick up and drop off options so please get in contact if you’d like to drop off or collect outside of my regular contact hours.

How do I get in touch?

- I am very responsive to enquiries made via text, email, website form and social media accounts at all hours of the day. If you call during the week between 9am - 5pm, I may not be able to answer straight away but will return your call as soon as I can. I recommend sending through a message if I am unable to get to your call.

How quick are turnaround times?

- Typically just one or two days. I can often carry out tuning on the spot if requested. Budget around 20 - 30 minutes depending on what services you require.

What experience do you have?

- I have spent more than 6 years working in ski shops in both Australia and overseas. This includes two Melbourne stores as well as two seasons working in Japan. I have experience in retail, rentals, boot fitting and workshops and have sold, set up, tuned, repaired and maintained hundreds if not thousands of skis and snowboards. Sadly, I don't currently work in the industry so this is my way of scratching the snowsports itch and still getting lots of gear to pass through my hands!

How do I pay?

- Cash preferred but do accept bank transfers as well.

Does RST&R operate over Summer?

- Yes I do! I highly recommend people heading North prepare their gear before departing. That way you are ready to hit the slopes as soon as you arrive!

Does RST&R mount bindings?

- Rail / System Bindings = Yes Rail/ system mounted bindings are a binding that come pre-attached to the ski. To set these up, the bindings are slid onto the pre-attached rail/ track and then adjusted according to your ski boot size, toe height and recommended DIN. I charge the same price for this service as I would for a regular binding setup. Flat Skis = No Unfortunately I don’t have the equipment to mount flat skis.

Is RST&R a shop?

- No, I am not a shop. I don’t sell products and generally don’t have any spare parts. I am happy to give advice and point you in the right direction if you do need to source a particular item.

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