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Ski Tuning & Repair

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With a decade of experience in tech shops, both in Melbourne and overseas, shop grade tuning equipment and a passion for maintaining gear, I offer professional ski & snowboard tuning services with the benefit of economical prices, flexible contact hours and speedy turnaround times. 

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Ski Waxing Iron

Hot Wax / Storage Wax

Lubricates and protects the base of your skis / snowboard to give maximum glide and performance.

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P-Tex Base Repair Candle On Fire

P-TEX Base Repair

Fills in and smooths out any holes or damage on the base of your skis / snowboard, preventing water damage to the wooden core.  

Side Edge File Guide

Edge Sharpen

Improves control, response and edge grip.   

Snowboard Binding
Ski Binding

Binding Adjustment

Din, toe height and forward pressure adjustments to the recommended specifications, as well as snowboard binding setups.

Ski / Snowboard Base Cleaner
Side Edge File Guide
A Dimond File Used for Ski Tuning
A Green Ski Tuning Brush
Ski Waxing Iron

The Works!

A tune up for those special skis / snowboards that deserve to be in tip-top condition!

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An Image of A Tube of Epoxy Used for Ski Repairs
An Image of a Spring Clamp used for Ski Repairs

Top Sheet Repair

Epoxy repairs for cosmetic and deeper damage to top sheets. ESSENTIAL if wood is exposed to prevent the core from rotting. 

*Additional charges may apply for equipment in exceptionally poor condition. E.g. extremely rusty edges or dirty bases. 



Edge Sharpen 

Edge & Wax 


P-TEX Base Repairs 

Top Sheet Repair 

Ski Binding Adjustment 

Snowboard Binding Setup


$10 - $40  

$10 - $40





Hot / Summer Storage Wax


Our Work


Bookings & Enquires

If you have any questions about our services, or would like to organise a time to drop off your equipment, please get in contact or checkout the FAQ Page.

Leslie Street, Richmond 3121


Tel: 0449671108

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